Using Internet and Taking Care of Your Children

Having Internet connection at home is great, however, it always represents some risks to consider. If you have Internet at home, you may check these easy tips to control what your children watch on their computer. This will help you to prevent child sexual abuse and to protect all your family members.

Using Internet and Taking Care of Your Children

Always present parents

Information, numbers, data and analysis about computer and child safety are inspired in the information provided by important institutions. Today, we will show you the most important tips to be protected. Check them out:

  • First of all, consider that, instead of attacking the problem, you should avoid it. So, start by preparing the members of your family, specially, your children in order to be protected before the problem or the attack comes to them.
  • Talk about the topic: as the statistics say, children often keep the abuse in secret. This is because abusers manipulate and confuse children in order to make them believe that what they are doing is normal or even a game. This manipulation also includes the threat to harm the child and the child’s family. Always talk about child abuse to your children, adapting the conversation to a child speech to remove the barrier of silence.

    Using Internet and Taking Care of Your Children

    Use smart passwords

  • Stay alert: give a careful credit to different signs such as irritation, swelling or rash on the genitals, urinary tract infections, and even other problems like abdominal pain or headaches result of anxiety. It is also very important to recognize emotional signs such as withdrawal or depression, excessive selfimposed, unexplained anger or rebellion problems. Stay alert to sexual behavior and language that can be atypical at short ages, they can be warning signs.

Once on the Internet…

  1. Protect computers with passwords. To install a password for accessing to all devices will allow you to control the use of Internet at home.

    Using Internet and Taking Care of Your Children

    Never leave your kids alone

  2. Do not share personal information. Control personal data requested by children’s pages and pay attention to those that ask for personal information. Talk to your child for he/she understands the dangers about providing certain information publicly and also discuss about sweepstakes and promotions online.
  3. Control the use of chats and messaging programs. Chats, social networks and instant messaging services can be the means that children use to share interests and build friendships. Nevertheless, the anonymity of the Internet can put children in the way of abusers or imposters.