The Joint Work of Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo is a Mexican food company with operates in America, Asia and Europe. The company produces more than 10,000 products through various brands among which are: Arnold, Barcel, Ben’s, Bimbo, Bimbo Spain, Brownberry, Dempster’s, Dulces Vero, Eagle, Entenmann’s, Fargo, The Globe, Lactal, Marinela, McGavin’s, Mrs Baird’s, New York Bakery Co., Nutrella, Oroweat, Plus Vita, POM, Pullman, Ricolino, Sara Lee, Silhouette, Tia Rosa, Thomas’, Villaggio, among others.

The Joint Work of Grupo Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo

Social responsibility. Grupo Bimbo understands that social responsibility becomes more relevant when done together. In this regard, in addition to providing best practices in the management of the organization and allowing the adherence to international standards, that give the company an opportunity to be compared in the global context, a training aspect to serve people in their professional and private lives is acquired.

For these reasons in 2012 the communication platform of social responsibility Grupo Bimbo Sembrando Juntos was born. It guides the actions of the company in a premise to join forces for the benefit of society, the environment and community development.

Under this concept, Grupo Bimbo adds to its supply chain, its customers and society in general to a program that works in the following areas:

  • Create products with improved nutritional profiles.
  • Better care, conservation and recovery of the environment.
  • The development of the communities in which the company operates.
  • Promote personal and professional development of its employees.
  • Community Development.
  • Education / Health and Fitness / Environment and Rural Development
  • Donations

In order to reaffirming its social commitment, Grupo Bimbo cares about caring and supporting the communities in which the company operates.

The company has a program of donations to institutions that work in the following areas:

·         promoting physical activity and health,

·         environmental conservation,

·         social development and indigenous development,

·         and education.

Through the donations budget, Grupo Bimbo supports the communities. In 2013, 2.0% of its net profits of 2012 was allocated to support around 300 institutions with financial donations.

Donations Policy

The Joint Work of Grupo Bimbo


Most countries in which the company operates have a budget to support community development. This is assigned by the Donations Committee, which is responsible for authorizing projects and amounts. Once the donation is authorized it is channeled to nonprofit institutions focused on the main lines of Grupo Bimbo.

Health Care, Nutrition and Physical Activity Promotion

As part of the Social Responsibility strategy of Grupo Bimbo, in 2013 the company supported various institutions that promote initiatives related to these aspects.

Supporting the Families of Collaborators

The families of the employees of Group Bimbo are treated as the company’s families. Therefore, the company prepares especial activities dedicated to children.

The Joint Work of Grupo Bimbo

Race promoted by Bimbo

Grupo Bimbo believes that reading is an essential habit for personal growth. Therefore, in Mexico, the company supports the campaign Leer Más coordinated by the Communication Council, which promotes individual and family reading. Grupo Bimbo holds reading circles that serve as motivation, some of them in the workplace. Internally, the company makes recommendations of books for all ages, reaching a total of 667.677 hours of reading reported in one year. In parallel, through El Globo Grupo Bimbo organizes a storytelling session for 100 participants.

From 13 to July 20 the company held the 2013 summer camp, a summer event where children of all employees attended to have moments of conviviality, learning, training and fun in contact with nature.