[Rafa Hacker]: The beginnings of CSR

[Rafa Hacker]: The Beginnings of Corporate Social Responsibility

Maybe you, as well as many people who participate in the society, expect business to be carried out in an ethical and socially responsible way. Nowadays, different companies are recognizing the need to balance environmental, social, and governmental issues. And, even most of them have begun to implement practices in their day to day operations, […]

[Rafa Hacker]: What to read to know more about CSR

[Rafa Hacker]: What Readings a Committed Person Should Do

Corporate social responsibility should be present in almost every committed company or individual with a deep sense and interest on social issues, environment and other needs of our today’s world. Because we know you are part of those committed people, we brought today some great recommendations for you to make interesting researches and readings about CSR. […]

Rafa Hacker: Ethics and CSR programs

Rafa Hacker: Know 3 of The Most Ethical Companies in the World

Brands and companies show us plenty of diverse environmental campaigns that can be from retail, banking or tech nature. Today, we decided to show you different companies considered to be the best when talking about green initiatives, ethics and honesty and responsibility. In 2016, 131 honorees were named spanning 21 countries and five continents and […]

Rafa Hacker: Connect4climate campaign

IMPORTANT! Loving our Environment: Climate Change Campaigns

Environmental awareness is currently part of the programs and projects of the global agenda of media, companies, press, etc. The world needs more good actions from every participant of our societies and many brands and campaigns know how to act for the well-being of the future. Today, we bring for you some campaigns about climate […]

Rafael Nunez Aponte: Companies and people together

Rafael Nunez Aponte: CSR through Companies that Are Example

Nowadays, business becomes something far from dimensional and more importantly, it cares about people. People want to do things that matter; companies that encourage employees to participate in volunteerism and giving back all efforts are creating fulfilling environments to work in. Find out how companies are getting closer to the people by doing great campaigns full of […]

Rafael Nunez Aponte: Know More about Volunteering and its Benefits

Rafael Nunez Aponte: Know More about Volunteering and its Benefits

Have you ever asked yourself what is the impact that volunteer activities may have on the society? Is that impact only related to the members of the communities involved or companies responsible for the activities can also be benefited? While monetary donations and donated products or services can have a great impact on a worthy cause, […]