Rafa Hacker: Commitment and principles for the environment

Rafa Hacker: Nase: A Company with Interest on the Environment and the People

Constructora Nase is a Venezuelan construction company, founded on December 13, 1972 in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia state, Venezuela. Since its creation, the company has ventured into the piping activities and works related to the water sector in the country, participating in building projects of adduction systems of drinking water in the main cities […]

Rafa Hacker: Solar Cell Manufacturing with Yates

IMPORTANT! How a Company Can Make Sustainable Efforts: Yates Construction

Yates Construction is a family owned company that provides a big range of construction and building services founded in 1964. Today, we will talk a little bit about the efforts of this great company in terms of environment and sustainability. Keep reading and know more! Construction services and portfolio at Yates Construction The portfolio of […]

The Four Most Generous Companies

The Four Most Generous Companies

The list of most generous companies we have selected today produce everything you can imagine: from cancer drugs to soft drinks, Q-tips to potato chips, they also can treat your wealth, insure your business, provide technology that will help you calculate your funds, and equipment to keep you cool and comfortable while doing so. In […]