Rafael Rafa Nuñez -Good work and campaigns for great reputation

Rafael Nuñez Aponte – Reputation Levels: The Best and the Worst CSR Campaigns

A company’s reputation is created not only by the products it sells or manufactures but also by the decisions that company makes in times of crises. At this point, companies put in practice all their creativity, resources and tricks to take advantage of the social phenomena to transform bad moments into great opportunities. Today, we have prepared this post to show you […]

Rafa Hacker: Three Easy tips for CSR Campaigns

Creating the Best CSR Campaign with These 3 Tips

According to a study by Horizon Media’s Finger on the Pulse, more or less 81% of people expect companies to make a public commitment to good corporate citizenship. This fact lets us to the conclusion that when brands and consumers work together to make a difference, positive change can be possible. Nowadays, for brands and companies […]