[Rafa Hacker]: CSR

IMPORTANT! [Rafa Hacker]: Make and Incredible and Catching CSR Campaign through YouTube

As you may know, our life, decisions, tastes and opinions are getting more and more dependent on what is shown in the social media. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not far from that phenomenon and the opportunities in the virtual world represent a great tool that can be used in a positive way to show […]

Rafael Nunez Aponte: Companies and people together

Rafael Nunez Aponte: CSR through Companies that Are Example

Nowadays, business becomes something far from dimensional and more importantly, it cares about people. People want to do things that matter; companies that encourage employees to participate in volunteerism and giving back all efforts are creating fulfilling environments to work in. Find out how companies are getting closer to the people by doing great campaigns full of […]

Three Things to Consider When Creating a CSR Campaign

Three Things to Consider When Creating a CSR Campaign

A recent survey from insurer Aflac shows us the great importance and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the younger generation of people –people who was born in the late 80’s. – Two-thirds of this generation surveyed said that they are likely to invest in a company well-known for its corporate social responsibility program, compared with less than […]