[Rafa Hacker]: GAIAM

[Rafa Hacker]: GAIAM for a Healthier Environment

GAIAM, Inc. is a company that dedicates its effort to practices and lifestyle related to yoga, fitness and wellness products and content and is a company committed to make these practices accessible to all people around the world. However, these spiritual topics are not only thought for the people’s body and mind, the company has […]

[Rafa Hacker]: FundaSitio

IMPORTANT! [Rafa Hacker]: Commitment and Responsibility: FundaSitio, Reference in CSR

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be defined as the economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary expectations that society has of organizations at a given point in time.  The concept of corporate social responsibility means that organizations have moral, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities in addition to their responsibilities to earn a fair return for investors and comply […]

[Rafa Hacker]: The beginnings of CSR

[Rafa Hacker]: The Beginnings of Corporate Social Responsibility

Maybe you, as well as many people who participate in the society, expect business to be carried out in an ethical and socially responsible way. Nowadays, different companies are recognizing the need to balance environmental, social, and governmental issues. And, even most of them have begun to implement practices in their day to day operations, […]

[Rafa Hacker]: What to read to know more about CSR

[Rafa Hacker]: What Readings a Committed Person Should Do

Corporate social responsibility should be present in almost every committed company or individual with a deep sense and interest on social issues, environment and other needs of our today’s world. Because we know you are part of those committed people, we brought today some great recommendations for you to make interesting researches and readings about CSR. […]

Rafa Hacker: Commitment and effort for the world

Rafa Hacker: All We Need to Know about CSR in Today’s World

Considerations about Corporate Social Responsibility have to be reminded over and over again even in today’s society, which seems to know little about it. Companies, brands and institutions around the world are working hard to show their commitment and responsibility with the people and the environment, but the efforts are still insufficient for our world’s […]

Rafa Hacker: CSR with creativity

IMPORTANT! Learn More about CSR with These Campaigns

The meaning and the actions around corporate social responsibility is more than mentioning or measuring the positive image and reputation of a company. CSR can result more important than you think and it is present in almost every project and social program of many committed company or individual with a deep sense and interest on […]