Social Media for Charity? See These 5 Online Campaigns

Social Media can definitely be used for charity. The list below represents the campaigns that not only generated huge publicity for their respective causes, but were also highly creative and made effective use of tools such as stunts, social media tactics and viral videos.

Animals that look like Game of Thrones characters

Social Media for Charity? See These 5 Online Campaigns

Characters as Cats

In a drive to find homes for pets in its care, the RSPCA launched a campaign pairing its animals up with some unlikely companions: the characters from the television series Game of Thrones.

Capitalizing on the popularity of the hit show, the RSPCA thought that comparing the animals to famous fictional characters would improve the pets’ chances of being adopted. Whether or not the animals actually looked like their matches, it is up to you to decide.

Missing People “The Big Tweet”

Every year, Missing Children hosts “The Big Tweet” to raise awareness for International Missing Children’s Day, with the help of huge celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Simon Cowell.

The appeal involves using Twitter to post information about missing people every 30 minutes for 24 hours, and encouraging followers to retweet. With the help of big names and their vast number of followers Missing Children are able to reach a much larger audience than normal.

“I like it on…”

Social Media for Charity? See These 5 Online Campaigns

“I like it on…” Breast Cancer Campaign

In 2009, Breast Cancer Awareness launched their purely Facebook-based campaign where girls were invited to post the color of their bra as a Facebook status while confusing their male friends who were kept in the dark about what these colors meant. As the campaign was a huge success and gained coverage not only all over the world, but also in print media, Breast Cancer decided to repeat the success with another campaign the following year.

This time, the status update declared: “I like it on…” plus the location where girls keep their handbags. The obvious sexual connotations helped to catch the attention of a vast audience and created millions of status updates worldwide.

Breast Cancer Awareness is proof that even without big budget, you can create an innovative campaign that reaches a wide audience. Everything we need is creativity.

UNICEF on Youtube

Swedish UNICEF created a campaign to highlight that likes on Facebook were not enough to help them save children’s lives. To do this, they created four YouTube videos, including one of a child saying ironically that he feels hopeful because of the amount of likes UNICEF’s Facebook page has achieved.

Each video ended with the powerful message that likes cannot fund vaccinations. The videos were viewed more than 750,000 times across 195 countries, and led to more than 10,500 tweets during the campaign period.

Marriage Equality

Social Media for Charity? See These 5 Online Campaigns

Marriage Equality Logo

The Human Rights Campaign changed their logo to an equal sign last year as a vote was taking place in the Supreme Court over marriage equality.

The image of the equal sign on red background went viral as thousands of people all over Facebook changed their profile pictures to also show their support. The support of the campaign was so visible that it would have been impossible for ministers to ignore it.