Rafael Núñez took part at InfoSecurity 2017

A new edition of ISEC InfoSecurity 2017 was celebrated in Venezuela as part of the Caribe Tour that this organization holds yearly. This year, cybersecurity expert and ethical hacker, Rafael Núñez, was one of the special guests.

How much is our information worth?

That’s the question that Rafa Nuñez asked the audience at the start of his presentation, pointing that a personal evaluation of our security measures should be done regularly to protect our information.

As one of the topics spoken during his speech, Rafa white hacker Núñez recommended:

  • To keep control of the information we share online
  • To encrypt our information
  • To use our fingerprint as a key to keep our information safe
  • To use parental control to keep track of what our kids are watching and learning online

Rafael Núñez took part at InfoSecurity 2017

Another topic that Rafael Núñez Aponted spoke about during his presentation was cyberwar and how it affects our everyday life, putting us in a position of vulnerability for only using our mobile devices with internet access, making us weaker and more exposed every time.

As well as Rafa Nuñez Aponte, there were other guests that spoke about cybersecurity, giving the audience a wide range of concepts and tips on how to keep our most precious asset, our information. Also, they spoke about how to keep us away from malwares and black hat hackers.


Ransomware and other virtual threats were one of the topics talked about at InfoSecurity 2017, which had a great attendance this year.

InfoSecurity Tour

This is the only event that travels 24 cities of Latin America and the Caribbean in only 4 months, guarantying support, and solutions to all the companies that take part on the tour.

Information Security us the main organizer of the event, as well as ISEC, both are leaders on providing security and corporate information, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

ISEC has had 160 editions of InfoSecurity in 14 years, having more than 130.000 people attending, with 3.300 sponsors. This year, InfoSecurity will also include countries of Central America and the bottom extreme of South American, ending with a Megaevent in Argentina.