Rafael Nuñez hacker – Bechtel Group: An Example of Commitment and Compromise

Bechtel Group is among the most respected construction, engineering and project management companies in the world. It’s a reference when talking about innovation in the construction sector. Bechtel Group delivers landmark projects that foster sustainable progress and grow economies. Today, we will give you more information about this committed company and the great effort it makes every day for a better future.

Understanding the effort and compromise of Bechtel

With every project the company undertakes, no matter how big and difficult, it places a core focus on protecting people and the environment, promoting local economic development, and partnering with communities and society. The hard and committed effort of Bechtel Group is dedicated to the following aspects:

Rafael Nuñez hacker - Bechtel Group: An Example of Commitment and Compromise

Rafa Hacker – A committed work team

  • Defense and security: chemical weapons disassembly and destruction, critical infrastructure, facilities operations and management, supply chain management, U.S. naval programs
  • Environmental cleanup and management: cleanup and remediation, decontamination and decommissioning, waste processing and disposal.
  • Mining and metals
  • Oil, gas, and chemicals: liquefied natural gas, offshore oil and gas, onshore oil and gas, petrochemicals, pipelines
  • Power: Nuclear, renewables, thermal, transmission
  • Tanks
  • Telecommunications
  • Water

How the company is committed to delivering sustainable solutions

The company regards sustainability as its responsibility to enhance the positive effects of its projects and to avoid or mitigate the negative ones. The company believes that it is not just delivering a physical asset to its customers and communities, but also an enabling environment that will benefit them in the long-term.

Rafael Nuñez hacker - Bechtel Group: An Example of Commitment and Compromise

Rafael Nuñez Aponte – Effort and compromise

The main values

The company believes that every incident is preventable; that is why Bechtel continues to be an industry leader in safety. The company is always relentless in its approach to prevent each and every possible accident, as the work team and directors believe that every incident, thus every occupational injury, can be preventable. 

-Rafael Rafa Nuñez