Rafael Nunez Aponte: Social Responsibility in all Aspects by DIRECTV Latin America

DIRECTV is a company that provides a premium television experience through the acquisition, production and distribution of unique and exclusive content, excellence in customer service, and continuous deployment of latest technologies for television entertainment.

Rafael Nunez Aponte: Social Responsibility in all Aspects by DIRECTV Latin America

Directv working with schools

As the leading pay television company operating in Latin America, DIRECTV is committed to contribute to the enrichment of the communities through its innovative technology and services. Through various programs that make up Generation DIRECTV, the company helps the communities by focusing on education, community activities through volunteering, which is a positive influence in the programming and ecological programs for a sustainable world.

Generation DIRECTV initiative uses technology, service, brand and especially its people to create a social change in underserved areas of the region with the purpose of enriching a future generation of DIRECTV customers, employees and most of all, communities. In this manner, the company generates a positive change in the region where they belong.

The programs of Social Responsibility of DIRECTV are:

Escuela+ Program

Escuela+ aims primarily to collaborate, complement and enrich the educational content for primary and secondary education, using DIRECTV technology and educational content from its partners: Discovery School, Tournaments and Competition Foundation for Education and Microsoft.

Piedra Papel Tijera Program

Piedra Papel Tijera is a corporate volunteer program of DIRECTV that began in 2009 and continues to expand with the help of many volunteers. This program identifies and solves problems in Latin American communities.Transforming schools, orphanages, homes and improving quality of life is the objective. For example, to strengthen the work with communities and the commitment with its development, during July, DIRECTV held a day recovering infrastructure in the Centro de Educación Inicial Los Andes, in the municipality of San Juan Bautista in San Cristobal, Venezuela.

Rafael Nunez Aponte: Social Responsibility in all Aspects by DIRECTV Latin America

Installing the solar panels

Eco DIRECTV Program

Eco DIRECTV is intended to provide a correct and environmentally responsible action way to work. The company implements this important cause through educational recycling programs for employees, collection of recyclables at offices and donations efforts with non-profit entities. For example, in order to continue working with the environment, DIRECTV installed solar panels in the California Transmission Center, specifically located in Long Beach. This initiative launched by DIRECTV US, along with DIRECTV Latin America and SolarCity, aims to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and save thousands of liters of water.


Rafael Nunez Aponte: Social Responsibility in all Aspects by DIRECTV Latin America

Recovery of the infrastructure. San Cristobal

The Forum is a platform where community efforts of organizations and foundations are prominent and transmitted through the exclusive channel OnDIRECTV ™. This allows to communicate on a massive scale all the achievements and stories of positive change in the communities. The company supported the next programs hand in hand with different institutions:

  • Poverty Zero: The Caritas Foundation with DIRECTV helps low-income people to have decent housing, education and employment. People can help by making a donation to the campaign.
  • Soccer for the life!: two passions meet. Bryan Balzano Foundation invites fans of this great sport to contribute their bit while living his passion.
  • Dentisalud: Generation Directv helps Dentisalud to promote the donation campaign for the Corporation Down’s Syndrome.