Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends:WhatsApp Will Eliminate Your Account If You Do Not Have THIS!

The important utility of a tool such as WhatsApp is evident. We, as users, are aware of this. Them, as providers of the service, know it too. However, this free platform of instant messaging seems to have limits when it comes to the things it is willing to accept from people.

We are talking about groups that we created to share chats with various users at the same time are the limit. And it is not precisely by themselves, but because of the abuse and the lack of proportion we sometimes commit as users of this service. In a nutshell: having an enormous quantity of groups is compromising because it takes time and more importantly because it can make WhatsApp take us the right of using the tool forever.

In their official page, WhatsApp informs that, although it is a frequently used option that allows us to have an unlimited use of contacts in group conversations, the abuse of this feature will not be tolerated with contacts that have not been individually added. In other words, if we create too many groups with no registered users in our smartphones, the enterprise will block our accounts because they may be considered as spam.

Hey! This is scarcely one of the causes why WhatsApp can take measures against its users. There are others related to the lack of compliance of the service terms, the massive messaging of false rumors and, obviously, spam. All this and more can have your account eliminated and that will oblige us to use another smartphone to use this paramount service.

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