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Jacinto Convit Foundation, officially founded in 2012, has focused since the very beginning of keeping alive the legacy of the man behind the organization’s name. A man who always sought to help the most vulnerable ones and to work for humanities’ wellness. How? By carrying on looking for an immunotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

That was Dr. Jacinto Convit’s biggest dream, and the foundation has worked hard to keep this dream alive. In fact, it recently performed a research to verify the treatment’s efficacy, which concluded successfully thanks to the conviction, consistency, perseverance and hard work of the group of people working on the project.

This investigation and its positive conclusions have just been published on Oncotarget magazine, under the title “Autologous tumor cells/bacillus Calmette-Guérin/formalin-based novel breast cancer vaccine induces an immune antitumor response”. And what did the investigation show? A few things: The vaccine drove onto a strong activation of the immune system for the treated mice, which showed a possible setting of the immune memory and it confirmed a significant reduction on the tumor’s size, as well as showing a decrease on the percentage of the immunosuppressant cells.

Another conclusion of the research, published by the Jacinto Convit Foundation is that this vaccine project is an excellent and affordable personalized immunotherapy alternative for the breast cancer treatment, because of the immune anti-tumour response watched on the investigation, as well as its low productions cost and the facility of its preparation.

All these achievements have been possible thanks to the support of a variety of institutions, organizations, collaborators and other allies that have believed and encouraged the project since its very beginning. FundaSitio, MasQueDigital’s and Rafael Nunez’ social responsibility program has been one of those institutions, donating the design for the official Jacinto Convit Foundation’s website (www.jacintoconvit.org) linking the foundation to the current digital universe.

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