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Rafael Núñez Aponte, FundaSitio’s CEO, talked about our organization and its goals on an interview held for the radio show Cyber Espacio at Union Radio-Puerto La Cruz; there he talked about how FundaSitio helps small, medium and large nonprofit foundations to get into the digital world.  

 “FundaSitio was born three years ago as an altruist initiative to give digital presence to organizations that unfortunately very people knew”. Said Rafael Núñez, who also highlighted the enormous success of this idea: “Nowadays we are helping and collaborating with more than 60 foundations”

Helping and collaborating, according to our General Manager, Fundasitio not only donates or develops web sites for these organizations but also, it gives digital consultancy about working with social networks and graphic identity… and yes, to all of them, FundaSitio does not discriminate: “We do not discern if a foundation is famous or not. Provided that is legal, we support them all with our entire love.


Mission: To Go Global!

Rafael Núñez Aponte seized the opportunity in the interview to announce that the organization wants to grow more, much more. That is why, for the search for greatness, that the company has had so much success, including operational independence, an exclusive office, valuable collaboration and loyal support from their employees and other contributors in the development and training areas. Furthermore, they have a new goal: to start working with foreign foundations.

For example, Foundations such as SANANDO, who is in charge of importing medicines and medical supplies to the country, had to migrate some time ago due to the current situation in Venezuela.  “We want to reach international market. We want to go to places where people need us, to let them know that there are still earth angels that want to help a lot of people, who need their voices to be heard” explained Rafael Núñez.

“There are a lot of persons helping out there, but not many people know about them”. He added “In this digital era we can reflect that urge of fighting for others.  We can reflect real life actions in digital life” he ended.

Rafael Núñez also highlighted the work of MasQueDigital in the areas of digital marketing and branding consultancy for big national and international companies, brands, and banks for more than seven years. Moreover, he just emphasized the priceless support that this company gives to FundaSitio.

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