Rafael Núñez: Cyberattack Spain | Más Que Digital

Rafael Núñez Aponte, MasQueDigital’s General Manager, assured that the government of Spain should thoroughly overhaul the activities of social networks involved in the cyber-attack that wanted to benefit the separatist movement of Cataluña.

“We have to analyze what is the origin of those attacks because all those platforms are from North America”, said Rafa ‘White Hacker’ to the journalist Pedro Sevcec, in the TV show “A Fondo” of the network channel “America TeVe”, where he also explained that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram should present to the Spanish Government details about the origins of the attacks, “unless they (Spain) have equipment with the ability of violating those platforms to see where those attacks come from”.

“We need to see in the countries that origin the attack, the bottom of this argument, what is technical, in the sense of forensic computing.” he said.

 “The Spanish Government said that Russian and Venezuelan hackers interfered with the independence process of Cataluña with a campaign of disinformation, this summed up to the cyber-attacks against the different web pages of the government that wanted to generate a tense situation to change the result of the referendum made the past October”

 Any country can generate this interference

Rafael Núñez: Cyberattack Spain | Más Que DigitalFurthermore, He said that these kinds of attacks are designed to diffuse information massively to generate an opinion; they are simple to do because it is easy to create a profile on a social network

He added that a recent way to accomplish these attacks is the buying and selling of “fat” twitter accounts (with a lot of followers) the name is changed but their followers trust in who they think they are so they share their contents.

 “That is easy to do not only in Russia, but in any other country with an evil intention” he assured.

Lastly, Rafael Nuñez Aponte denounced that behind the hacker world there are governments that pay this cyber-attacks and cyber offenses as the ones denounced by the Spanish Government.

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