Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends:Rafael Núñez attended to InfoSecurity 2017 | FundaSitio

InfoSecurity 2017 just celebrated another edition. This time, held at the Mateo Manaure Hall of the Renaissance Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela. During this encounter, many cyber-experts and technology lovers got the chance to discuss about the latest trends on cybersecurity, as well as to explore new ways of protection for companies against cybercrime.

Fundasitio’s CEO, Rafael Núñez was the chosen one to give the opening speech and welcoming words. During his participation, Rafa Nuñez took the chance to speak about diverse topics on cybersecurity, making emphasis on how important is to keep our online data safe at all times, thus the use of our fingerprints, file encrypting and multi-factor authentication.

“Our passwords have to be hard to find out and easy to remember”.

Rafa Núñez Aponte also spoke about how much cyberwar is affecting us all nowadays, commenting that it is a reality from which it’s not that easy to escape of, making the audience realise that it is not a matter that we only see and learn from on the big screen:

“We cannot wait until cyberwar hits us to realise it is there. The key is to be preventive.”

Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends:Rafael Núñez attended to InfoSecurity 2017 | FundaSitioBy the end of Rafa Nuñez’s speech, the guest speakers started with each one of their respective presentations. Having well known experts such as Noel González from Netready; Sergio Maestre from Corporación Maestre, Luis Sandoval from Intelicorp and Omar Mora from GT Support, gave the audience the opportunity to immerse themselves into an ocean full of knowledge and handy tips on cybersecurity, malware and how to fight against cybercrime.

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