Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends:Rafa Núñez-FundaSitio Hits Its Third Anniversay | FundaSitio

It’s FundaSitio’s third anniversary, and the celebration only means more commitment on the promotion and the awareness of big projects that aim for a better society.

Douglimar Rojas, FundaSitio’s General Manager, pointed out that for the near future, they are looking to get more involved with Corporate Social Responsibility projects, as they are an important bridge that link private companies to non-governmental organizations by doing social activities for those communities that are less privileged.

“We’ll drive our social commitment programs: Construye una Sociedad Digital, #DonaUnSitioWeb, Ayuda a la Humanidad, #RegalaSonrisas, Fortalece la Educación Digital and #FortalecimientoIntelectual to establish a path of integral technological education that will allow us to cover many different areas of promotion and broadcast for the great projects, with the only goal of bringing together a better society”- said Rojas.

Although we are living in a world that depends on the digital environment, there are still so many organizations and communities that do not know all the technological advances most of us experience on a daily basis, thus, they ignore the scope of a good action.

FundaSitio, an iniciative by Rafael Nuñez Aponte, first saw the light three years ago as a platform to help spreading positive actions, oriented to the digital projection of those ONGs that develop important jobs for society but that do not have a website that could link them to similar communities or organizations to increase their positive contributions to society.

Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends:Rafa Núñez-FundaSitio Hits Its Third Anniversay | FundaSitio

FundaSitio’s Beneficiaries

“Our goal is to promote the participation of those agents of social change that are still willing to help and contribute for social welfare. We are aiming to be socially connected to goodwill, to demonstrate that, together, we can reach more people (…) our vision is to rescue our Venezuelan values throughout digital inclusion. We are willing to keep growing, so we can become stronger and strengthen our premises: To link, create and help” – Douglimar Rojas added.

FundaSitio also offers the necessary orientation for those organizations that might want to project their work to the maximum optimization, increasing its positive message to other institutions ad people wanting to help these causes.

We are now celebrating with huge pride the fact of growing on beneficiaries and allies, who boost our willing to keep getting better and to carry on offering our services with a lot of satisfaction as reward” – ended Rojas.

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