Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends:Fundasitio Attended Venezuelan Network of Organization’s Assembly for Social Development. | FundaSitio

We, the FundaSitio’s workers (institution managed by Rafael Núñez Aponte) have always participated actively in every initiative that could produce a positive benefit for the communities in our country. We have shown our commitment every day and we presented the evidence during the recent Venezuelan network of Organization’s Assembly for Social Development. (RedSoc by its Spanish acronym)

There, our General Coordinator Douglimar Rojas, spoke in the name of the institution and managed to make a complete presentation in which she explained the labor of FundaSitio, furthermore, she talked about its mission of connecting nonprofit organizations and collaborators to help them with their digital expansion, social welfare, and with the reduction of the digital gap among organizations.

These same goals are shared with RedSoc, a nonprofit association who was born 20 years ago, run by Consuelo Morillo.  Its main mission is to promote always the connection and cooperation of organization for social development, hence, to create places to promote human dignity.

Since its creation as a civil association, RedSoc has always offered a place of dialogue and cooperation in social development. It started with only 34 organizations as allies, and now it ascends up to 78 allied organizations, all of them want to boost alliances focused to the comprehensive and sustainable development of the country.

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