Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends:Digital Marketing is The Best Strategy for Today’s Companies

Digital Marketing has become the worldwide strategy of 2017, reaching levels of investments of US$229 billion. In Venezuela, MásQueDigital is the leading company in designing this area. This year, the company turns 7 years of creation during which it has grown with remarkable resilience.

Digital Marketing and Return on Investment

Rather than having a return on the investment, the final goal of the experts is that every economic and creative effort will produce positive outcomes. In this way, there is a constant concern of getting positive numbers.

The concept of ROI compares the profit obtained on an investment, to the amount of money invested. Within any budget that contemplates a marketing strategy, this is the most used performance measure in the world of online advertising.

Among the marketing strategies these are the favorites:

  • SEO strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing/ Marketing Automation
  • Paid Search Marketing (AdWorks)
  • Social Media (Organic) 

Other strategies that work for publicists are the Social Media (Paid Ads), Website Personalization, Online PR, and above all, Display Advertising Including Programmatic.

MasQueDigital is the leading company in Information Security in Venezuela. The company is managed by its founder, the cyber expert Rafael Nuñez; nowadays, it counts with more than 100 employees.

This Company defines the concepts of 2.0 Image Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Information Security. It counts with high-profile professionals, whose growth will increase exponentially, now that they have set new goals for the growth in the business activity.

MasQueDigital Knows That Resilience is The Key to Grow

The goal of the Company is to keep the union and the fellowship among their workers to strengthen the team work. Furthermore, the company counts on high-profile clients, who are the bests on their work fields.

The Company is committed to its labor and the union kept among their workers has been reflected in the quality work during its 7 years of perfect evolution.

Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends:Digital Marketing is The Best Strategy for Today's Companies

Likewise, Rafael Núñez Aponte created 3 years ago a social project known as Fundasitio, in which nonprofit organizations receive help and communicational assistance.

Through the Foundation, MásQueDigital helps these institutions to get digital presence, to reflect their work on the web, and to connect with other institutions to receive more help or to help others.  In this sense, the Company creates foundations through their digital and human platform.

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