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Do you offend people when talking to them?  Are you submissive to other people’s wishes?  Do you stand for your rights while you respect others?   “Learn with us how to communicate assertively”, this was the message spread by Fundación Distonía Venezuela  (Dystonia Venezuela Foundation) and De Gouveia Asociados S.C  (De Gouveia Associates Civil Society) at the interactive workshop of last Saturday, in room 3 at Los Palos Grandes library, located in front of Los Palos Grandes Square,   Chacao Municipality – Caracas.

Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends:Assertive Communication | FundaSitio | Tu enlace digital para el bienestar socialDuring the workshop, the participants received valuable lessons to tell the difference among the different styles of communication: aggressive, passive and assertive. The first one overrates other people’s opinions and feelings; the second one shows submissiveness in front of every statement; the last one is used to express directly what you want with no manipulation while respecting other people’s opinions.

The aforementioned was explained throughout the whole presentation by the vice-president Elizeti De Gouveia, who also emphasized the need to promote an assertive style of communication. In this sense, she highlighted some rules that will help you to express yourself assertively:  

To Speak in First Person Always

  • To have the ability to make compliments
  • To contradict others
  • To be spontaneous when talking or acting
  • To improvise answers in front of new or unknown situations.

De Gouveia also emphasized some principles to assertive training

  • To be responsible of what you say
  • To show your feelings
  • To be aware of the correlation between the face and the body
  • To be spontaneous.

Similarly, she explained some techniques to clearly communicate; among them, there is the positive assertion which consists in the use of compliments and kind phrases during the communication. “I invite you to use these techniques in the personal and professional area” Emphasized De Gouveia.

Dystonia 5k Walk

The workshop counted with the presence of Distonía’s General Manager, Asnardy Canquis, who seized the occasion to invite the participants to the quinta CAMINATA5KDISTONÍA  (fifth Dystonia 5k Walk) next Sunday, November 26th , 2017 at the park Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda.

This is a walk of 5 kilometers on the park’s jogging route (two rounds around the park). The Start will be at circuit 0m, located in front the soccer fields, the main parking land is the closest entry. Our volunteers will be located every 1000 meters to point out the route. It will start at 7 am.

About the Organization

Distonía Venezuela is an organization created the October 7th, 2013, as an initiative of its president Asnardy Canquis, to help those who live with dystonia, a movement disorder syndrome that causes involuntary muscles contractions,

The organization created its web page thanks to the support of Fundasitio, the organization directed by Rafael Nuñez Aponte, who is in charge of donating web pages to foundations without digital presence.

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