Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends: Learn the causes of this crime

Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends: Learn the causes of this crime   There are many explanations for child trafficking:


Poverty is one of the main causes of child trafficking. Poor families sometimes have no choice but to abandon their children, leaving them in the hands of traffickers. Poverty also causes a large increase in the number of street children and orphans. Vulnerable and fending for themselves, they become the ideal victims for traffickers who don’t hesitate in their promise of better living and working conditions in another country. Unfortunately, the reality is entirely different.

Humanitarian Crises

Child trafficking is particularly prominent in areas struck by natural disasters. Notably, such was the case after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Traffickers profited from the situation by kidnapping numerous children. It can be observed that child trafficking is more frequent in countries where human rights are being violated.

Lack of Education

Illiteracy and the lack of education make families more vulnerable to traffickers.

Absence of Birth Registration

The most threatened children are those whose births were never registered. Each year, 40 million children are born without being officially declared, which constitutes a violation of the Right to Identity.

Lucrative Activity

Child trafficking is an extremely lucrative. For example, a Serbian woman sold her child, a minor, for 2900 Euros to Croatian traffickers. This trafficking is so profitable that there is an increase in intermediaries, drawn to the easy gain.

Insufficient or Unenforced Legislation

Child traffickers generally run few risks because laws are insufficient or often unenforced. Also to be noted is the absence of criminal provisions against child trafficking in the domestic laws of many countries.

International Adoption

International adoption is more and more solicited by couples. Traffickers and dishonest adoption agencies don’t have much trouble finding potential clients. According to UNICEF, the number of infants and children from Guatemala sold to couples wishing to adopt in the United States and Europe is between 1000 and 1500 per year. While mothers receive 30 dollars for a child, couples spend between 15,000 and 20,000 dollars to adopt.   Source: Humanium

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  • Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends: Learn the causes of this crime

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