Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends: Get to Know the Foundations That Take Care of The Victims

Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends: Get to Know the Foundations That Take Care of The Victims

After a person or a child has been a victim of sexual abuse, it is hard for them to openly talk about how they feel, as they tend to get self-conscious and retracted. It is important for them to have places such as the foundations mentioned below to feel welcomed, to feel good and understood, as the process to rebuild trust and confidence can be hard and difficult.

There are hundreds of foundations across the world dedicated to give back a little bit of what’s been taken from the victims. However, here a five of the most renown ones in America:

This foundation understands that there is no specific method to help victims of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse), as we are all different and we all deal with our demons differently. So, they take care all of the resources around us to support and build a team that can personally help each one of its patients.

WINGS is an acronym for “Women Incested Needing Group Support”, coining the verb “incested”.

Joyful Heart is a foundation created in 2004, and since its creation, it has raised more than $33.5 million to end sexual assault worldwide and it has received $147.7 million in in-kind and donated services.

This foundation with hubs in New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu has been great help to hundreds of victims, who have found here the help and support they didn’t find elsewhere.

Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends: Get to Know the Foundations That Take Care of The Victims

Prevention, Justice, and Healing, that’s the moto of this foundation created by the Brown Sisters, a couple of musician siblings that have been performing as a group act and soloists all over the world, with more than 500 concerts across the United States only.

“Surviving Abuse” was created with the intention of helping the victims of sexual abuse everywhere, as well as creating campaigns to prevent it from happening.

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is America’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. It has helped more than 2.5 million people since its creation in 1994.

RAINN works along with other local organizations as the DoD Safe Helpline to prevent sexual violence, and to ensure that abusers pay for their crimes.

Is dedicated to work towards the elimination of the sexual violence through education, social change, and program support. Its initiatives have been created to specifically suit each one of its patients, and to, in the future, completely eradicate sexual assault and violence from the world.

LaFASA also works as a coalition agency that offers education and professional training to all those who are looking to help others, stating that if we are more helping, there will be less causing harm.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse, don’t doubt it no more, ask for help. There are many organizations willing to help you and to make justice. Life is a beautiful experience that doesn’t have to be painful. With love and compassion, even the deepest cut can heal.

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