Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends: Get to Know More About Child Trafficking

Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends: Get to Know More About Child Trafficking

According to the International Labour Organization, around 1.2 million children get trafficked per year, the purposes are many, adaptation, work exploitation, slavery, drug trades, and the most common one, sexual exploitation.

Around the world, there are many organizations that seek to stop this horrible crime, through many methods that help raising money to support the lives of the children that have been victims of a case of human trafficking. As we mentioned earlier, there are many forms of child trafficking and for many objectives. You’ll find a list of the most common ones as follows:

To join armed forces: In many countries, there are organized armed groups that use and train children, mostly under 16, to become real soldiers. Living under hostile surroundings and deplorable circumstances, these victims must learn, from a very young age to defend themselves using weapons and other combat techniques. In many cases, these children have been taken or stolen from their homes and do not understand what is going on as they first arrive to the place where they’ll be kept.

For drugs trading: Children have been used in many regions of the world to serve as a means of transportation for drug trafficking. Dealers pay big amounts of money to use children to take big cargos of drugs from one country to another. Some of the times, children are used under lies, as they ignore the content of the shipment they’re carrying.

Rafael Nunez Aponte recommends: Get to Know More About Child Trafficking

Sexual exploitation: For this matter, there are no limitations for felony, as the children do not necessary have to be in contact with the aggressor. Online child pornography, or explicit photos of a minor touching himself is also sexual exploitation and it’s penalized with jail.

For forced labour and begging: One of the main purposes for child trafficking is to make money out of them, not only through forced labours, but also, through begging. Many children traffickers kidnap their victims and get them to work as beggars on the streets, using their childhood and innocence to manipulate those who give them money.

Child trafficking is a problem that has been around for many years now, and it is only up to us as a society to work ways to eradicate this commonly sad issue.

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