Rafael Nunez Aponte: How to Use Creativity for CSR Campaigns

For some brands and companies the idea of creating catching campaigns is more than clear: if your intention is to attract more people to your brand, you have to build a reputation for supporting social causes and initiatives along with impressive and surprising good-looking campaigns.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means companies aligning their values with a greater good and taking action to have a positive effect on the people and the environment. They often do so through cause marketing, joining forces with nonprofit organizations and focusing ad campaigns on those philanthropic relationships.

Rafael Nunez Aponte: How to Use Creativity for CSR Campaigns

Create catching ideas

CSR campaigns seem to be everywhere these days, from Pepsi Refresh giving away millions for ideas for improving the world to Tide sending a mobile fleet of washers and dryers to areas hit by natural disasters. Why are more companies than ever flaunting their good works this way? Partly because they realize that their employees want to be part of a business that does more than just make money. Ann Charles, the chief executive officer of BRANDfog, says CSR activities improve employee cohesion and give a company a fresh sense of purpose.

A little example

There is a recent collaboration between The Central Bank and the Gallery of Photography. This work creates a single image. In a stunning series of pictures, Michael Durand used images of staff together with shredded banknotes to provide a great meaning to the actual monetary value that society has assigned to certain functions: from recycling to charitable donations to reality TV shows.

Rafael Nunez Aponte: How to Use Creativity for CSR Campaigns

Good looking ideas with a deep sense of commitment

The image shows a staff member sitting at a desk with a little pile of notes showing the average annual donation to charity per person in Ireland, set with a photograph of another employee in a car park next to a great volume of shredded notes which represent the value of a Mercedes Benz Maybach. A super great and visual promotion.