Rafael Nunez Aponte: How Construction Companies Protect the Environment

As we already know, climate change affects and puts our environment, food security, health and everyday life at risk, promoting shortages of certain foods, medicine products or significant drop in the rate of production of certain materials. One of the production areas that has the most responsibility of changing or protecting the environment we live is the construction sector. Today, we want to dedicate this post to those construction companies that also matter about environment and create different corporate social responsibility campaigns to give something back to the planet.

Rafael Nunez Aponte: How Construction Companies Protect the Environment

Rafael Nunez Aponte: Protection of the environment

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the determining factors in global warming gases, one of the main responsible factors for climate change that our planet is facing today. Fortunately, plants have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide in order to release oxygen. This simple biological process makes us understand the importance of trees for the protection of life in our planet.

Reforestation has become over the years one of the most significant projects that corporate social responsibility has developed in certain companies, especially those that include deforestation during their construction activities in order to obtain raw materials or for papermaking.

Experts also recommend companies to bet on the ecology, as this can connect to a healthy population with a huge desire to collaborate and make their contribution to the change. Through such initiatives, highly visible firms can harmonize with their surroundings, reducing the violence and impact on society and the environment.

Here we have two great examples of construction companies that help us protect our world:


Based in the United Kingdom, Balfour Beatty has created a global presence in the construction industry and infrastructure sector over the last century. The company has devised a 2020 Vision to implement its sustainability strategy throughout its global operations by 2020.

Rafael Nunez Aponte: How Construction Companies Protect the Environment

Rafael Nunez Aponte: Committed employees


As Australia’s leading construction services contractor, Thiess takes sustainability and people, planet, profit to its heart. With a commitment to energy efficiency, the company signed onto the Australian Greenhouse Challenge Plus program. Though Thiess faces a unique challenge as a construction and mining contractor, it remains committed to reducing its footprint while maintaining its role as an environmental steward, carefully monitoring:

  • energy,
  • water, waste,
  • noise,
  • and air quality.