Rafael Nuñez Aponte – Benefiting Everyone with Great CSR Actions

Today, information about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is almost everywhere, but not everyone is able to access to that information or not every brand or company has the best means to talk about CSR. This topic is more important than you may think , especially because it is present in every committed company, institution or individual with a deep sense and interest on social issues and needs. In this post, we will show you a little more about what the world is experiencing on CSR and how it can change the direction of many problems and risks of our societies.

Business and companies can use the ethical decision to assure their businesses by making decisions that allow government agencies to minimize their involvement with the corporation.

Rafael Nuñez Aponte - Benefiting Everyone with Great CSR Actions

Rafael Nuñez Aponte – Focusing on the environment and the benefits of employees

Nowadays, social responsibility has received some normative status related to private and public corporations in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, for example, developed by the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee particularly, is related to child and maternal welfare. The International Organization for Standardization wants to encourage voluntary commitment to social responsibility and will take the societies to common definitions, guidance on concepts, and methods of evaluation. The normative status describes itself as a guide for dialogue and language, not a constraining management standard.

Every day, more and more entrepreneurs are convinced about the facts exposed above. They also know that the economic success of their companies will not only depend on creating strategies to increase benefits for their employees, customers, and business partners. In fact, companies that consider environmental protection and the practice of social responsibility have perceived great benefits, such as:

Rafael Nuñez Aponte - Benefiting Everyone with Great CSR Actions

Rafael Nunez Aponte – Think about smart CSR campaigns

  • Corporate environmental responsibility allows achieving sustainable development by favoring the creation of new opportunities and constant re-engineering business activities.
  • It improves the image and credibility of the company.

The company manages the production activities towards the use of new technological alternatives that allow optimization of work and the protection of employees, thus favoring access to more demanding markets, power continuously innovation and creativity, the diversification of the economy.

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