About Rafael Nuñez Aponte

Did you know that an important number of houses around the world have internet access, but not the same number of houses know that they might be under great risk of being hacked or attacked? Putting in risk all of their personal information and files, not to mention the increase of devices that use the internet to work, such as smartphones, smart tvs, and more. Rafael Nuñez Aponte will help you keep your devices and the information within them safe, so you can connect to the internet without worrying about a thing.

Rafa Nunez, as he is also known, knows how important cybersecurity is nowadays, and has a very extensive perspective on how to make our software and hardware safer each time. We are now living on an era in which the security is ought to grow, as we are now more exposed to malwares, hackers and other e-risks.

Cybersecurity, also known as IT Security or Computer Security is the protection that we, as users, provide to our computer systems to secure them from the theft, corruption, miss usage or damage of information. Rafael Núñez, ethical hacker with wide experience on the matter, will bring you the best tips and updates on how to keep your files and data safe, whether it is on your desktop or on the cloud.