Rafael Nunez Aponte: 7 Easy Tips to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse through the Internet

If you have Internet at home, you may want to consider these 7 easy tips to control what your children watch on their cell phones or computer. This is a help to prevent child sexual abuse and to protect your family.

Rafael Nunez Aponte: 7 Easy Tips to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse through the Internet

Children using Internet

In some countries such as Spain, for example, more that 60% of children between 11 and 14 years old have at least one profile on social networks, despite being something illegal in most of the countries. Analysis, numbers and data about this topic and child safety are inspired in the information provided by important institutions such as Guia Infantil and  CPIU. Here, we show you the most important tips:

  1. Check the functionality of all devices. Before purchasing any gadget for your child, behold its specifications and features. One item that seems to be just an mp3 may be and access to the Internet.
  1. Protect computers with passwords. To install a password for accessing to all devices will allow you to control the use of Internet at home.
  1. Rafael Nunez Aponte: 7 Easy Tips to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse through the Internet

    Parents Should Educate their Children regarding the Use of the Internet

    Create different account on the computer. Establish different users and allow your child to have his/her own account and profile, this will avoid accesses to programs or unwanted files. It is important to have an adult account like “administrator” (for complete control over the computer) and the child has a “limiteduser” with which the child will not change or install new hardware or software, games, music players or chat programs.

  1. Do not share personal information. Control personal data requested by children’s pages and pay attention to those that ask for personal information. Talk to your child for he/she understands the dangers about providing certain information publicly and also discuss about sweepstakes and promotions online. It is always important to tell your child that nobody is going to give something for nothing.
  • Control the use of chats and messaging programs. Chat, social networks and instant messaging services can be the means that children use to share interests and build friendships. Nevertheless, the anonymity of the Internet can put children in the way of abusers or imposters. To minimized their vulnerability, teach them to take this precautions:
  • Always use a nickname, not personal name.
  • Never provide phone numbers or address.
  • Never send pictures.
  • Never meet someone who does not know.
  1. Rafael Nunez Aponte: 7 Easy Tips to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse through the Internet

    Control the use of chats

    Control the use of social networks. Despite of the use of platforms like Facebook are popular among young people, remember that it has legal age statements in the different countries. If your children use Facebook or any other social network, explain properly the risks and remind them not to share personal information or accept friendship from people they do not know. Help them to set the privacy of their profile.

  1. Act against any irregularity. If you think your child or any child is endangered on the Internet go to the police, the Civil Guard or complaint line agencies or institutions such as Counter Pedophilia Investigative Unit and denounce the situation. And also inform the authorities if you see any inappropriate content on the Internet.