Rafael Nunez: 5 Catching Campaigns to Protect Animal Lives

According to the Humane Society of the United States six to eight million animals enter shelters in the U.S. each year with only three to four million adopted. Thousands of circuses use them under terrible and illegal conditions around the world. Many of our important environments in the Planet are being negatively affected by the extinction of several animal species every year. Are we doing something for them?

These five campaigns, however, stand out as the most creative and genius ways to find happy homes and possible future life for the thousands of animals in need, defend the lives of these beautiful species and promote their rights.

  1. Pound Puppy Hikes

Red Mountain Spa has come up with a way to bring people together with adoptable dogs through the Pound Puppy Hike program. An already pet-friendly vacation destination, Red Mountain Spa, teamed up with Ivins City No-Kill Animal Shelter to provide canine companionship for those guests who did not bring a pet along for the vacation. Adoptable dogs are provided to join guests on guided hikes of Snow Canyon State Park.

  1. The Shelter Pet Project

Rafael Nunez: 5 Catching Campaigns to Protect Animal Lives

The Shelter Pet Project

The Shelter Pet Project is the collaborative campaign between the Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s Fund and the leading producer of public service advertisements, The Ad Council. The goal of this campaign is to make adopting a pet the first thing people think to do when they decide to bring an animal home. The Shelter Pet Project website allows people to easily search for shelters and adoptable pets in their area while learning about the plight of homeless animals.

  1. Animals are not clowns

Rafael Nunez: 5 Catching Campaigns to Protect Animal Lives

Animals are not clowns

These advertisements illustrate to the viewer the cruelty behind circuses by placing them on an animal’s point of view and using elements such as tone, mood, and word-phrasing to discourage indifference against the suffering of animals.

This advertisement was produced by two Portuguese organizations that are very well known in the animal’s rights community, called the Portuguese League for Animal Rights (LPDA) and Acção Animal. These organizations have previously participated in many advertisement campaigns for protecting different species from extinction and preventing animal abuse; with this new campaign the organizations aimed to educate people about the mistreatment of animals that goes on behind circuses and encourage them to assist animal-free circuses.

  1. Pet Photo Booth

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of adoptable dogs at The Humane Society of Utah, the words “adopt me” are coming through load and clear. Photographer Guinnevere Shuster started photographing these dogs in a photo booth style earlier this year, showcasing the playful and happy side every dog should have the chance to express. These photos are shared on the Utah Humane Society’s Facebook along with fun facts and personality traits and have helped many of subjects find their home.

  1. Horrifying vs. More Horrifying

Rafael Nunez: 5 Catching Campaigns to Protect Animal Lives

Horrifying vs. More horrifying

The mission of the World Wildlife Fund is to conserve the earth’s biodiversity by protecting its species and their habitats. By emphasizing that all of earth’s organisms form a complex, interconnected web of habitats that provide its life support system, the campaign communicates that mankind cannot survive without a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. The approach highlights the threat by taking something perceived as threatening and highlighting how much more threatening it would be if it did not exist. With three simple words and images it captures the essence of the danger.