Rafa Hacker: Three Construction Companies that Care about Environment

As many of you may know, construction is one of the human activities that affect the environment the most. It can bring diverse and different harmful results to the world and sometimes, its techniques are a threat to the future of our society. However, the need for sustainable methods in construction has influenced the way some construction companies start to thinks on how to be more friendly to the environment. See the following examples and know how these companies are changing the course of construction.


SCE is a construction company that strongly works for its client’s need about environmental remediation, waste management, and industrial services. The company has a dual mission: to preserve and protect the environment by helping clients make positive, lasting and substantial improvements in their environmental management practices in the most economically sound way and to build SCE Environmental Group as a great institution – one that attracts, develops, motivates and retains exceptional people.


Corporate social responsibility in Y&V is coordinated and executed by a department whose head reports directly to the CEO of the group. The staff of this department is responsible for developing all activities of corporate social responsibility in close coordination with representatives of top management and heads in every country where the organization operates. Y&V guarantees its action for the benefit of the society. As a comprehensive company in its social action, Y&V focuses on five major areas, achievement-oriented in business development of the group and responsible in terms of social and ecological matters:

Rafa Hacker: Three Construction Companies that Care about Environment

Rafa Hacker: CSR at Y&V

  • Stakeholders / Related
  • Health and Security
  • Y&V Foundation.


Rafa Hacker: Three Construction Companies that Care about Environment

Rafa Hacker: Great efforts for the world

For McCarthy, concepts such as high performance, sustainable and green go hand-in-hand with being a better builder -taking care of every community where the company operates, as well as setting new standards for green building construction, promoting buildings that are environmentally responsible places to do business, and operating their own company in the same way.

By [Rafa Hacker].