Rafa Hacker | The client is always right!

I think what I am saying is nothing new. It is a principle for any company and it must be followed as the best rule. But sometimes we tend to forget our principles. We specialize ourselves so much we forget the client is the center of our company. They are the reason why you ar ethriving and that you numbers are doing really good. My intention in this article is to give some tips about how to keep you clien so happy he or she will never let you alone in any situation. So let’s take a look at those tips.

The first one is to see what they need. Yes, your product is doing well and people are buying it without remorse, but time changes and the tastes change also. You should be always trying to get to the community by asking them about the performance of your product. Ask them what you would like to see in the future and then do it. That way you will always be updated on the things people like and you can try to present variations of your product. Something really simple but extremely effective for your company’s life.

Another thing you can do is to take your products to new locations. Try to meet those who have been able to take a taste at your products and make them free simples. People always believe see is a synonym of affection, so share that feeling with them. The more people get to taste your products the more consumers you will have. Do not let anyone outside the influence of your products.

I know most of these pieces of advice are obvious, but as I mentionned previously we tend to forget the aim of our product: creating something for the benefit of your company and of your community.


Rafa Hacker | The client is always right!

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