[Rafa Hacker]: Know More about CSR and Other Related Terms

The Reputation Institute is an organization that measures the different companies and brand’s reputation and actions on sustainability in our everyday changing world. The Reputation Institute releases it Global CSR RepTrak 100 every year and is very useful if you want to know and have references about the companies that have the best reputations for corporate social responsibility (CSR) among the general public in 15 countries. Since 2014, it is Google the company that remains in the top of the ranking, with a significant lead over all other companies in the list. Today, we will talk a little bit more about this important ranking for you to make your own research and get some inspirations for your CSR actions.

Terms and ideas of CSR

You are probably familiar with the idea on CSR: corporate social responsibility is one of the most complex areas of a company’s identity. CSR is an ethical framework which suggests that any entity – an organization or individual – has the responsibility to act for the benefit of society in different aspects:

  • economy,
  • technological development,
  • education,
  • environment, etc.

[Rafa Hacker]: Know More about CSR and Other Related Terms

[Rafa Hacker]: Corporate reputation

The companies in the 2016 Global CSR RepTrak 100 are making great and important efforts, not only to be good corporate citizens, but also to communicate those characteristics to consumers who are always relying on a brand’s reputation in making purchasing decisions and recommending products and services to others.

More about the Global CSR RepTrak 100

The RepTrak model provides a way of measurement that considers how the people view the world’s best-known companies, examining 15 stakeholder groups in more than 25 industries and more than 50 countries for more than 7,000 companies. What this important research reflects is the public perceptions of corporate performance in three different main aspects:

  1. Workplace
  2. Citizenship
  3. Governance

[Rafa Hacker]: Know More about CSR and Other Related Terms

[Rafa Hacker]: The results in the year 2016

The results describe which companies are best regarded by consumers for having a positive societal influence, being environmentally friendly, operating with openness and transparency, behaving ethically, rewarding employees fairly and promoting employee well-being, among other factors. Here we present you the top ten best CSR companies by their reputation in the year 2016, which bring some variations in the order if compared with the three previous years:
  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. The Walt Disney Company
  4. BMW
  5. LEGO
  6. Daimler
  7. Apple
  8. Rolls-Royce Aerospace
  9. Rolex
  10. Intel

This previous list of companies with the best global CSR reputations is derived from the data collected for the 2016 Global RepTrak® 100 study in Europe, Latin America, North America and the Asia Pacific region.

By [Rafa Hacker].

[Rafa Hacker]: Know More about CSR and Other Related Terms

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