Rafa Hacker: Know 3 of The Most Ethical Companies in the World

Brands and companies show us plenty of diverse environmental campaigns that can be from retail, banking or tech nature. Today, we decided to show you different companies considered to be the best when talking about green initiatives, ethics and honesty and responsibility.

In 2016, 131 honorees were named spanning 21 countries and five continents and representing over 45 industries. In the celebration of the 10th years of the World’s Most Ethical Companies program, the list includes 14 ten-time honorees and 13 first-time honorees.

Rafa Hacker: Know 3 of The Most Ethical Companies in the World

Rafa Hacker: The World’s Most Ethical Companies

The companies

Dell’s computers, for example, are powered by dirty energy for the most part. And the majority of the worst companies for the environment are the utilities powering your gadgets. Anyway, Dell and some other companies are doing great efforts to use and promote renewable energy, and reduce emissions. Check more about these two companies and make your own opinion!


Dell has been an honest company when talking about the environment, regularly battling competitors for the title of “greenest.” Since 2010, Dell’s computers are using 25% less energy than ever before, and its headquarters is powered entirely by renewable energy. It is a carbon neutral company and it leads the industry in recycling its products.

National Australia Bank

Rafa Hacker: Know 3 of The Most Ethical Companies in the World

Rafa Hacker: Considerations on ethics and responsibility

This organization works hard to increase its staff engagement, to improve performance, to launch more products, to attract new customers, and to enhance collaboration. However, the National Australia Bank, which obtained the first place in the World’s Most Ethical Companies list this 2016, is committed to societal impact. This engagement can, and does, deliver all five performance enhancers.


This company has a plan in place to cut down greenhouse gas emissions, and it was the first IT company to report those emissions. It is cut back on toxic substances and it is also been aggressive with recycling.

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