Rafa Hacker | I don’t want to be observed

Are the Iluminati  part of this new era of espionage? Or is it a specific government? I do not have the answer to this but I will tell you social media and almost all the apps we use have our data to do with whatever they want. You may perhaps saying “why do they have the right? They do not ask this”. Actually they do but you are too lazy to read their conditions and you just click ” I accept the terms.”

Google, for example, clearly states that everyone’s data can by used by then whenever they want. That is why Google is one of the biggest companies of the world; it bears all the secrets. nothing goes beyond their reach. Also, when you connect apps you are sharing your info with a bunch of enterprises. Do not get scared. They do not use your information to plan a mass assasination, it is to costly. They usually take this info to see the trends of society. They describe the preferences of certain groups in order to launch products. You are a marketing subject for all of these companies, so do not feel scared; feel “used” instead.” Your are a contributor of all the advances we are having nowadays.

However, why if all these companies bear so valuable data, they cannot prevent many tragedies in the world? Why do they keep their secrets until the worst comes? These is one of many pieces of irony we have in our society. I do not believe companies are indolent to human suffering, but they are good marketers. They do not lose a chance to win profit no matter the cost. This world is based on profits and interest coming from everyone. Are we going to be free from this control? Who knows, we will see…


Rafa Hacker | I don't want to be observed