Rafa Hacker | HAVE YOU SEEN how Responsability changes the world?

I have been a counselor for many companies for many years. I have seen small companies, of less than three employees, grow to an extend of being multinationals. I have seen progress in many ways and with many formulas. But this progress is always bound to the welfare of the communities in which they are present. The key is to build a company for two. A company based on your progress and profit and to a benefit to your community. This, at a first sight, may seem difficult but it is simpler than you think.

Rafa Hacker | HAVE YOU SEEN how Responsability changes the world?The first thing you need to do is to unerstand the needs of your sourroundings. Go and see what your community is needing. This does not mean you are going to give those hardly-earned ressources for free, but you can give job opportunities or reasons to thrive to many members of that space.

Also, you must make those members get to know you. Participate actively in the activites your community organizes. If there is a concert in the park, go and do some advertisement. If you have a food company, for example, you can go and make special offers for those days. You can be a member of your community under the name of your company. Once these members get to know you they will start to like you. Remember human beings are attracted to the things they feel confortable with.

You can also, depending on your capital, be a sponsor for small causes. I remember once a uniform company who made and sponsored a small soccer team for the local champioship. For their surprise they won the league and many teams want them sponsoring their uniforms. The kids won the trust of your company and the company won more sponsorship opportunities. These small details can change your company’s future.


Think about it!

Rafa Hacker | HAVE YOU SEEN how Responsability changes the world?

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