Learn More about CSR of Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. This company was established in 1946. Volkswagen is the top-selling and namesake marque of the Volkswagen Group, the holding company created in 1975 for the growing company, and is now the second-largest automaker in the world.

The Volkswagen Group operates 119 production plants in 20 European countries and a further 11 countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Every weekday, 592,586 employees worldwide produce nearly 41,000 vehicles, and work in vehicle-related services or other fields of business. The Volkswagen Group sells its vehicles in 153 countries.

The Group’s goal is to offer attractive, safe and environmentally sound vehicles which can compete in an increasingly tough market and set world standards in their respective class. However, this is not the only thing that is important for the company. At Volkswagen Group, people also think green and good for the communities and the Planet. Here, some information about their Corporate Social Responsibility.


Learn More about CSR of Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s comprehensive social commitment in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Responsibility is a powerful word but one which is overused in today’s world. On this site, the company explains how they understand their responsibility, what obligations they derive from it, and how they live and work for these obligations. Some of the models they create are:

  • Innovative employment models

Thanks to innovative employment models, Volkswagen has not only been able to retain jobs at the company but has also created new ones. The company offers the employees a stable working, learning and living environment for the long term.

In Wolfsburg, Volkswagen, together with the city of Wolfsburg as partners in Wolfsburg AG, is helping to create more jobs and improve the quality of life. The company provides support for businesses starting up or moving to the area, initiates and establishes knowledge networks, supports scientific and public facilities and develops leisure projects – specifically in areas that are important for quality of life such as leisure, environment, education and health. The focus is on the automotive industry, a traditionally strong area of expertise in the region.

Learn More about CSR of Volkswagen

The company and its interest in the communities

The Work2Work personnel concept launched in 2001 is a program for employees who are unable to continue working in their original workplace due to restrictions of various kinds. Work2Work offers them a job that suits their qualifications and abilities – appropriate work that adds value. In this way, value appreciation becomes value creation.

  • Social projects

Volkswagen sees itself as a partner for its locations and regions. Consequently, we initiate and support a number of diverse projects: entrepreneur competitions, education initiatives and many projects for street children in Central and South America, such as One hour for the future.

  • Responsibility for the Environment
Learn More about CSR of Volkswagen

All the team working for good

At Volkswagen, responsibility for the environment means producing clean cars in clean factories. This sounds simple, but as so often it is the simplest targets which involve highly complex operations. And what do we actually mean by a ‘clean car’?

And other programs and projects such as:

  • Use and Recycling.
  • Protecting Nature and Species Diversity.
  • Development and Production.