Learn About the Social Commitment of Child & Family Service

Child & Family Service. It is partner with Hawaii’s families to help them address serious life issues, with life-changing results. In this service, people believe that positive change can happen. They help families move from the impossible, to the possible, to new possibilities. Child & Family Service is known for:

  • Helping those that are most vulnerable
  • Embracing the total family
  • Respecting people for who they are and where they are
  • Touching over 40,000 lives every year
Learn About the Social Commitment of Child & Family Service

Neighborhood Place of Wailuku Family Success Coach

Child & Family Service has the mission of strengthening families and fostering the healthy development of children with the intention of maintaining them healthy and trying to keep families thriving to build strong, multi-cultural communities across the generations.


  • Integrity,
  • Quality Client Service,
  • Employee Excellence,
  • Teamwork and Communication,
  • Strengthening Families.

Child & Family Service (CFS) is one of Hawai‘i’s largest nonprofit organizations and touches the lives of more than 40,000 people each year. CFS helps families to address serious life issues, with life-changing results. CFS has been part of the community for more than 115 years and is a family-centered, full-service organization with more than 35 programs statewide. Some of their programs are:

  • Community Based Residential

Ka Pa Ola is a residential home for teenage girls to help them identify and developing their own strengths and resources so they have a better opportunity to make a successful transition into adulthood. The program philosophy is to expect, challenge, and empower these young ladies and help them to address mental health, emotional and behavioral issues. Counseling for and with their families is also provided.

Learn About the Social Commitment of Child & Family Service


The Neighborhood Place of Wailuku is a family center located in the neighborhood of Wailuku, Maui. The program provides a full range of services based on the native Hawaiian culture for keiki to kupuna. Services include: “talk-story” counseling, family conferencing, information, referral and linkages to other community resources,parenting classes, cultural programs, educational classes, support groups, a youth leadership.

  • Maui Sexual Assault Center:

Crisis Intervention, Counseling and Community Education. Adult and child survivors of sexual abuse and their families are offered crisis intervention, trauma care, and clinical counseling through crisis hotline or in person. Prevention and intervention through educational presentations are provided to groups and schools throughout the county.

  • Employment Services for Refugees:

Gainful employment is the key to refugees successfully establishing themselves in the U.S. This program offers job preparation, counseling and job placement services with the goal of gainful employment and self-sufficiency.
In this program, all individuals 16 years old to adults, low-income persons, immigrants and refugees who meet the prescribed requirements such as income, residency status and geographic origins will be eligible for services.

  • Transitional Housing Program

Supportive, Safe, Confidential, Transitional Living for Survivors & Their Children of Domestic Violence. Transitional Housing is designed to help women and children end domestic violence and establish independent lives. These families live in CFS subsidized housing for up to 2 years, while mothers learn to improve self-esteem, gain job skills, learn financial literacy, and acquire healthy parenting skills. The goal is for the entire family to heal from the trauma of domestic violence and become strong and independent families. The goals of the program include:

  • Provide a transitional apartment for the client,
  • Educate the client about the dynamics of domestic violence,
  • Assist clients in developing a “safety plan”.