IMPORTANT! Two Things to Avoid to Have Great CSR Presence

Showing your best actions for the society and the environment is great. If your company or brand is having positive impact in every sector of our today’s world, you are probably doing something good. However, sometimes we see a lot more mistakes than correct actions when it comes to corporate sustainability communications and campaigns. Today, we will show you two of the most common mistakes your company might be making with its CSR communications, projects or programs and how to fix them. Keep reading and know how to detect bad moves to succeed in the CSR world.

IMPORTANT! Two Things to Avoid to Have Great CSR Presence

[Rafa Hacker]: Communicate openly and honestly

  1. Defense vs. offense

Some companies are proactive about CSR strategies. You can find it on their website, and in all the outward communications channels. The secrecy which works so well for product launches is lost on the public when it comes to CSR communications. Communicate openly and honestly, and you will not need a defense quite as often.

  1. Keeping good actions in secret

IMPORTANT! Two Things to Avoid to Have Great CSR Presence

[Rafa Hacker]: Avoind keeping your good and positive actions in secret

Maybe you do not think about this, but most of times when you run into sustainability professionals and specialists, you probably hear a lot of great and exciting stories about the projects they are working on. However, you can ask them why you have not heard about their CSR initiatives yet, and they will answer something like “Oh, it is not public yet.” What you should consider and understand the need to keep things under a kind of secret until you have everything worked out, but some of these projects have been going on for years. So, do not be one of those guys. It is good idea to get out there and tell your story. People out there will appreciate the transparency. Even if it is not perfect, it is always good to start showing what your company is capable of in terms of CSR.

By [Rafa Hacker].