IMPORTANT! The Best Books about CSR to Read

Talking about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be more important than you think, since CSR is present in almost every committed company or individual with a deep sense and interest on social issues, environment and other needs of our today’s world. Even though this topic is part of our everyday life, sometimes we are not doing all the effort that is needed and that our world is demanding. Today, we bring some books about CSR that are a good beginning to start knowing more about what actions we can do from our space. See more bellow and know the best books about CSR to read!

A Future for Everyone: Innovative Social Responsibility and Community Partnerships (2003)

IMPORTANT! The Best Books about CSR to Read

Rafa Hacker: Reading to become a great entrepreneur

by David Maurrasse and Cynthia Jones

The essays present in this book show you discussion on many ways to promote innovative collaborations leading to more effective partnerships between the greater institutions and corporations to poor and excluded communities. These timeless texts put together many different angles and point of view from diverse experiences:

  • academics,
  • students,
  • community leaders, etc.

Social Responsibility in Marketing: A Proactive and Profitable Marketing Management Strategy (1992) by A. Coskun Samli

IMPORTANT! The Best Books about CSR to Read

Rafa Hacker: CSR is important

In this very unique book, we can see how marketing can achieve great profits and higher quality of life for everyone in the society just by being socially responsible. According to A. Coskun Samli, the objectives can be accomplished by being proactive, consumer oriented and by considering consumers’ well-being as the highest priority. 

Environment Ethics and the Corporation (2000) by Grant Ledgerwood and Arlene Idol Broadhurst

In this book, readers can see different discussions about corporate innovation, corporate culture and entrepreneurial approaches by providing really impressive analysis of the growing environmental and social responsibility within the corporate sector.

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Why Giants Fall (2003) by Ronald R. Sims

This book has as an objective to enhance our understanding of the causes of ethical fails in an era when ethical missteps can often lead to corporate bankruptcies or worse. A great reading recommendation for those who are starting to become an entrepreneur.

By [Rafa Hacker].