IMPORTANT! Oil Drilling: How Odebrecht Makes Efforts for the Environment

Oil drilling is an activity that represents harmful environmental effects. The process of drilling and extracting oil is complex and leaves many opportunities for error or accidents. Also, the piping used to transport and extract oil is made of metals, which can corrode. This corrosion causes pipes to rupture contaminates the land and waters surrounding it. If the pipes do not rupture, contamination has still chances for its large waste. Dust particles left from drilling may coat the surrounding areas, and flames from burning the natural gas found in oil fields cause air pollution. However, there are different committed oil companies, such Odebrecht, which makes great efforts to reduce those risks and give back to the environment what is taken. Know more about this topic today.

About Odebrecht

IMPORTANT! Oil Drilling: How Odebrecht Makes Efforts for the Environment

Rafa Hacker: About the company

Odebrecht is a Brazilian global organization with an ongoing commitment to client satisfaction, creating value for shareholders, the development of the communities in which it operates and the conduct of its members.

It is present in 21 countries, with diversified Businesses and decentralized structure, it operates in the fields of Engineering & Construction, Industry and the development and operation of Infrastructure projects and Energy, creating integrated, innovative and relevant solutions to customers and communities.

The ecology element of Odebrecht

The commitment of all the businesses of the Odebrecht Organization is working with environmental responsibility, considering environmental preservation and biodiversity as a value to the functioning of the entire business chain. Companies participate in the prevention and, when needed, in the repair or mitigation of environmental impacts. To do so, they manage risks and monitor how their activities interfere with nature.

IMPORTANT! Oil Drilling: How Odebrecht Makes Efforts for the Environment

Rafa Hacker: Responsible team

The Organization is committed to: 

  • Optimize the use of natural resources;
  • Use of clean technologies;
  • Preservation of biodiversity;
  • Reduction, recycling and reusing waste and materials;
  • Eco-efficiency (producing more with less);
  • Climate Change Agenda – Management and Control of emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Odebrecht contributes to the generation and dissemination of knowledge in the environmental area as an essential element for dialogue and decision making in the process of sustainable development.

By Rafa Hacker.