IMPORTANT! Learn More about CSR with These Campaigns

The meaning and the actions around corporate social responsibility is more than mentioning or measuring the positive image and reputation of a company. CSR can result more important than you think and it is present in almost every project and social program of many committed company or individual with a deep sense and interest on social issues and needs of the different communities where the companies are operating. Today, we brought some details and examples of committed campaigns that are full of creative messages and ideas you won’t forget. See more bellow about these companies that are working hard to have more presence in the global society.

IMPORTANT! Learn More about CSR with These Campaigns

Rafa Hacker: Designing great creative campaigns

We can start by considering the collaboration between The Central Bank and the Gallery of Photography. This work creates a single image. In a stunning series of pictures, Michael Durand used images of staff together with shredded banknotes to provide a great meaning to the actual monetary value that society has assigned to certain functions: from recycling to charitable donations to reality TV shows. In this campaign, the image shows a staff member sitting at a desk with a little pile of notes showing the average annual donation to charity per person in Ireland, set with a photograph of another employee in a car park next to a great volume of shredded notes which represent the value of a Mercedes Benz Maybach. Nothing but a super great and visual promotion.

In addition to that, we have the ideas from the KPMG and Living Wage Foundation; KPMG and The Living Wage Foundation joined forces to produce a very campaign with strong social implications. The entry was very clear and effectively presented. Strategy and tactics were well thought. Implementation included valuable newsworthy research, a strong basis for future work, all for a very modest budget.

IMPORTANT! Learn More about CSR with These Campaigns

Rafa Hacker: Effort and commitment in every project

Finally, it’s good to mention the case ofThe launch of Shwopping: For M&S is M&S’s Plan A program and an expansion of a partnership with Oxfam which began in January 2008 and has seen more than 10m items donated, worth an estimated £8m. Donors handing old M&S clothing into Oxfam stores received a £5 M&S voucher.

Shoppers are encouraged to take their unwanted garments into all 342 M&S stores in the UK and leave them in recycling bins by the tills.

By [Rafa Hacker].