IMPORTANT! Fundasitio: An Organization that Looks to the Future

The general concept of FundaSitio arises from the clear digital divide between organizations dedicated to the service of others and those people or organizations in need. For the organization, concepts of Creation, Strengthening and Multiplication of the presence and the identity in the digital world are the mains basis of the hard and committed work of FundaSitio. Rafael Núñez, founder of Fundasitio gave positive and interesting information about the continuous growth and development of the organization for the benefit of causes of great social impact. Continue reading and know more about what he said and the future of Fundasitio.

The Iberoamerican Forum 3.0: Youth and Civil Society

During his presentation at the Iberoamerican Forum 3.0: Youth and Civil Society, framed within the XIII Iberoamerican Civil Society Meeting celebrated in Caracas last October, Rafael Núñez highlighted the main task of Fundasitio, that has been very receptive and the potential of its services has the necessary value to continue promoting many exceptional works, guided by the power of social initiatives that accompany the team of Fundasitio every day to continue forming the path of great opportunities.

IMPORTANT! Fundasitio: An Organization that Looks to the Future

[Rafa Hacker]: Rafael Núñez

Núñez also emphasized that Fundasitio has the technological and financial resources, as well as the human talent, to promote the dissemination of NGO activities that lack a solid online presence. In addition to that, according to his opinion, non-profit organizations should be shown on the network as a digital product with high standards of quality of service and efficiency, since they are specialists in the care of different audiences.

Rafael Núñez pointed out that Fundasitio has obtained cases in which the foundations do not have a web presence, but they do not even have a refrigerator, they are very precarious, however, he considers that the digital presence of these organizations is necessary.

IMPORTANT! Fundasitio: An Organization that Looks to the Future

Rafa Hacker: During the meeting

Finally, he concluded by betting for the equality and balance between commercial organizations and social initiatives and highlighting their potential and importance.

By [Rafa Hacker].