How Responsible Is Your Company?

It is very important to measure the impact your company has on the society and community it is involved. For some people, this is a main aspect when talking about the image and reputation of companies. Today, we have brought a list of some tools that will help you measuring the positive or negative impact of your company. Some websites crowdsource opinions and facts on companies, while other sites use their own set of metrics to estimate social good.

How Responsible Is Your Company?

Measuring your company’s environmental impact

JustMeans Insights

JustMeans Insights helps investors, the media, practitioners and consumers measure a company’s CSR,environmental impact and sustainability performance against its competitors. This toll provides the data visualization tools to compare these companies. They study the number of standards including the Global Reporting Initiative, dig through thousands of historical reports, and then pull all of that into a data visualization tool normalized to financials, employees, etc. The result is that anyone can then compare companies across industries, sectors, geographies along the same normalized metrics.

B Corp

How Responsible Is Your Company?

Social responsible companies

This tool created a ratings system in 2009 to measure the social and environmental impact of small to medium-sized companies. B Corp helps investors and consumers tell the difference between socially responsible companies and companies with great marketing. Certified B Corporations maintain an in-depth legal structure that expands corporate accountability, so they are required to make decisions that are good for society, not just their shareholders, according to the non-profit’s website.


How Responsible Is Your Company?


Crocodyl takes the opposite approach from JustMeans and crowdsources their information on the impact of corporations. Through their wiki-based website, Crocodyl analyzes a company’s stance on public policy, health, sustainability, human rights, social justice, labor, and issues relating to corporate responsibility. This enables NGOs, journalists, activists, whistleblowers and academics from around the world to pool their knowledge about specific corporations into one place, share publicly and then take action to hold businesses accountable.