FundaSitio: The Union of Committed Initiatives

The following are the guidelines that guide the work of FundaSitio everyday in order to fulfill its goal: to link non-profit organizations and collaborators to create online spaces that help contribute to the welfare of society. Under this slogan FundaSitio was born jointly with an initiative of Rafael Nunez, CEO of MásQueDigital, who motivated by his social sensitivity has decided to promote the dissemination of the activities of charities, through the creation and donation websites.

FundaSitio: The Union of Committed Initiatives

A Team that Promotes and Helps Other Organizations

The general concept of FundaSitio arises from the clear digital divide between organizations dedicated to the service of others and those people or organizations in need. For the organization, concepts of Creation, Strengthening and Multiplication of the presence and the identity in the digital world are the main basis of the hard and committed work of FundaSitio. The organization achieves all this by creating websites and advicing on social networks on the foundations and nonprofit nongovernmental organizations, in order to promote their proper online presence as a platform to disseminate and comply with the approach of their social welfare objectives.

FundaSitio: The Union of Committed Initiatives

Creating a Committed and Responsible Mark in the Digital World

FundaSitio aims to be a non-profit organization recognized nationally and internationally for its excellence in supporting the digital expansion for strengthening social welfare, by donating webpages for other foundations. Some of the benefited organizations promoted by FundaSitio are:

Under the mission of appearing as a webpage dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of ethics, the Civil Association Pro Ethics was born; it is a non-profit organization leaded by the journalist Germán Febres.

The Civil Association Luchemos por la Vida (Fight for Life in English) is a nonprofit non-governmental organization which primary mission is to provide social, cultural, sports and educational assistance for children and adolescents with HIV-AIDS from the neediest sectors of Venezuela.