Creating Green Ideas with Idea Verde

Idea Verde is a company that bets for the better and possible future of the world. This company wants to maximize what future generations can bring. Idea Verde wants to channel their energy, the creativity and project it according to their country (Venezuela) in order to be a model for the implementation of a sustainable future for all.

This company was legally formed in 2012, and started as a family business with the intention of creating advertising materials. Now, they have changed a bit, and facing a country with lack of sustainability and ecological culture, they decided to create several projects with impact on their sustainable technological development. Idea Verde has always had its eyes on God, they have been consistent, which had led them to achieve goals they thought unattainable.

Creating Green Ideas with Idea Verde

Different Products

This company has planned three walks, produced one musical CD, organized two musical events and has attended to more than 30 design and ecological fairs. Idea Verde has produced more than 25,000 books with the intention of promoting ecological culture. Its way has been short, but safe, and its workers have always thought that the country can have a better future and high quality technological sustainable life.

The work team. Idea Verde has a team that specializes in a delicate work, in the selection of the material, in the finish of their products and in the unique design. With all this, the work team seeks to to provide to its customers a unique material that works in harmony with the environment and adds value for the ecosystem. In addition, the company organizes courses and recycling workshops in public and private educational institutions, universities, malls and companies in order to inform children, teenagers and the rest of the public about ecology and its inclusion as part of this project.

About the project A un cuaderno de ti

Creating Green Ideas with Idea Verde

Activities of Idea Verde

It is a program which will implement a recycling cycle of ecological notebooks for academic institutions and schools, starting from kindergarten to the last step of the university. It consists on the annual reuse of notebooks with the identification of the institutions and made from reused material.

This program will bring benefits for students, schools and representatives; A un cuaderno de ti reduces in 30% the indiscriminate felling of trees and the ecological footprint generated by the transport system; it also allows the introduction of a strong ecological culture for future generations.

About the Ecological and Experimental Laboratory Lee

Lee is the first laboratory to be dedicated to the studies of different applications that material such as plastic, aluminum, glass, organic waste, paper and others may have to create sustainable products. The main objective is to influence the technological and sustainable development of Venezuelan and Latin American nations using the waste produced by their populations for the manufacture of their products.

Right now, Idea Verde is working on:

  • Creating Green Ideas with Idea Verde

    Creation of some products

    Designing one of the first electric vehicles in Venezuela.

  • Developing the Experimental ecological laboratory.
  • Making studies with recycled plastic, and treatment processes for creating new products.
  • Creating products from recycled wood.
  • Developing the first machine/robot for notebooks.