Rafa Hacker | Is my enterprise on the right track?

Your enterpreise must always work with a close relationship with the community. Everyone must know what your company does and the positive changes you are doing. If your community does not see a change, well, you need to start fixing some things. The first one is to have a means of promoting yourself. Everyone must […]

Rafa Hacker | Ciberattacks: am I safe?

“All my information has been erased,” that was the message quoted in some news page about a  recent attack to Ukranian networks. This attack obliterated the data of many important institutions and caused the collapse of the country for many weeks. Many people could not get their medicines or even withdraw money from the bank. […]

Rafa Hacker | The influence of education within companies

I have written many times about the importance of having cooperation in order to build a company. Help and affection are always elements that will make thrive individuals. This time, however, I will be adressing a topic related to education. Education is a key element to any society. It can make individuals see others points […]

Rafa Hacker | HAVE YOU SEEN how Responsability changes the world?

I have been a counselor for many companies for many years. I have seen small companies, of less than three employees, grow to an extend of being multinationals. I have seen progress in many ways and with many formulas. But this progress is always bound to the welfare of the communities in which they are […]


Rafael Núñez took part at InfoSecurity 2017

A new edition of ISEC InfoSecurity 2017 was celebrated in Venezuela as part of the Caribe Tour that this organization holds yearly. This year, cybersecurity expert and ethical hacker, Rafael Núñez, was one of the special guests. How much is our information worth? That’s the question that Rafa Nuñez asked the audience at the start […]