Rafa Hacker | Is my enterprise on the right track?

Your enterpreise must always work with a close relationship with the community. Everyone must know what your company does and the positive changes you are doing. If your community does not see a change, well, you need to start fixing some things. The first one is to have a means of promoting yourself. Everyone must […]

Rafa Hacker | HAVE YOU SEEN how Responsability changes the world?

I have been a counselor for many companies for many years. I have seen small companies, of less than three employees, grow to an extend of being multinationals. I have seen progress in many ways and with many formulas. But this progress is always bound to the welfare of the communities in which they are […]

[Rafa Hacker]: The beginnings of CSR

[Rafa Hacker]: The Beginnings of Corporate Social Responsibility

Maybe you, as well as many people who participate in the society, expect business to be carried out in an ethical and socially responsible way. Nowadays, different companies are recognizing the need to balance environmental, social, and governmental issues. And, even most of them have begun to implement practices in their day to day operations, […]

[Rafa Hacker]: What to read to know more about CSR

[Rafa Hacker]: What Readings a Committed Person Should Do

Corporate social responsibility should be present in almost every committed company or individual with a deep sense and interest on social issues, environment and other needs of our today’s world. Because we know you are part of those committed people, we brought today some great recommendations for you to make interesting researches and readings about CSR. […]

Rafa Hacker: Love and protect animals

[Rafa Hacker]: Animals also Matter: Great Campaigns to Take Care of Animals

Thousands of circuses use animals under terrible and illegal conditions around the world. Many of our important environments in the Planet are being negatively affected by the extinction of several animal species every year. Even though it looks little, the effort some companies and institutions are doing to reverse those bad numbers and data is […]

Rafa Hacker: Easy tips to create a CSR campaign through YouTube

IMPORTANT! Easy Tips to Create a CSR YouTube Campaign

Social media can be used for many different and diverse campaigns, including CSR, sustainability and charity campaigns. Through social media, your opportunities to make huge impacts on people are numerous and the results are always great. Today, we bring you some tips to create viral and important CSR campaigns through YouTube campaigns that not only […]