Social Responsibility: Help The World With Businesses

Social responsibility is a quite an important duty and it will be necessary for entrepreneurs to know that we all have to help.   In the case of entrepreneurs, improving the conditions of society is partially in their hands in a very broad sense. This is because entrepreneurs who have a good influence can definitely use that to improve society. There are many people who would almost […]

Rafa Hacker - Bechtel workers doing a great job

Rafael Nuñez hacker – Bechtel Group: An Example of Commitment and Compromise

Bechtel Group is among the most respected construction, engineering and project management companies in the world. It’s a reference when talking about innovation in the construction sector. Bechtel Group delivers landmark projects that foster sustainable progress and grow economies. Today, we will give you more information about this committed company and the great effort it makes every day for a better future. Understanding the effort […]

Rafael Rafa Nuñez -Good work and campaigns for great reputation

Rafael Nuñez Aponte – Reputation Levels: The Best and the Worst CSR Campaigns

A company’s reputation is created not only by the products it sells or manufactures but also by the decisions that company makes in times of crises. At this point, companies put in practice all their creativity, resources and tricks to take advantage of the social phenomena to transform bad moments into great opportunities. Today, we have prepared this post to show you […]

Rafael Nunez Aponte: Thinking green for construction sector

Rafael Nunez Aponte: How Construction Companies Protect the Environment

As we already know, climate change affects and puts our environment, food security, health and everyday life at risk, promoting shortages of certain foods, medicine products or significant drop in the rate of production of certain materials. One of the production areas that has the most responsibility of changing or protecting the environment we live […]

Recycling Circuit of Ecological Notebooks with Idea Verde

Recycling Circuit of Ecological Notebooks with Idea Verde

Idea Verde starts the new and first circuit of eco-sustainable notebooks which will allow 1,000 low-income children receive 5000 recyclable notebooks that they can recycle and reuse six times for six school years. Idea Verde has made alliance with four educational institutions offering courses to low-income children in Caracas (Venezuela) which have informed and specified the […]

Creating Green Ideas with Idea Verde

Creating Green Ideas with Idea Verde

Idea Verde is a company that bets for the better and possible future of the world. This company wants to maximize what future generations can bring. Idea Verde wants to channel their energy, the creativity and project it according to their country (Venezuela) in order to be a model for the implementation of a sustainable future […]