Rafa Hacker | Is my enterprise on the right track?

Your enterpreise must always work with a close relationship with the community. Everyone must know what your company does and the positive changes you are doing. If your community does not see a change, well, you need to start fixing some things. The first one is to have a means of promoting yourself. Everyone must […]


Responsibility for Entrepreneurs: CSR

Social responsibility will matter if you want to become an entrepreneur who can be reminded a one that completes duty properly. Remember that there are many people who are definitely not good at offering thing to others and social responsibility has a lot to do with that. You should learn the value of improving the lives of other […]

[Rafa Hacker]: GAIAM

[Rafa Hacker]: GAIAM for a Healthier Environment

GAIAM, Inc. is a company that dedicates its effort to practices and lifestyle related to yoga, fitness and wellness products and content and is a company committed to make these practices accessible to all people around the world. However, these spiritual topics are not only thought for the people’s body and mind, the company has […]

[Rafa Hacker]: CSR

IMPORTANT! [Rafa Hacker]: Make and Incredible and Catching CSR Campaign through YouTube

As you may know, our life, decisions, tastes and opinions are getting more and more dependent on what is shown in the social media. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not far from that phenomenon and the opportunities in the virtual world represent a great tool that can be used in a positive way to show […]

[Rafa Hacker]: FundaSitio

IMPORTANT! [Rafa Hacker]: Commitment and Responsibility: FundaSitio, Reference in CSR

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be defined as the economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary expectations that society has of organizations at a given point in time.  The concept of corporate social responsibility means that organizations have moral, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities in addition to their responsibilities to earn a fair return for investors and comply […]

[Rafa Hacker]: Environmental awareness

[Rafa Hacker]: Environmental Awareness: Three Referential Companies with Strong CSR

Brands and companies show us plenty of diverse environmental campaigns that can be from retail, banking or tech nature. Today, we decided to show you two of the best green initiatives that, ironically, are both technology companies. While their business practices are green, some of their products may not be particularly green when you think […]