Rafa Hacker | Is my enterprise on the right track?

Your enterpreise must always work with a close relationship with the community. Everyone must know what your company does and the positive changes you are doing. If your community does not see a change, well, you need to start fixing some things. The first one is to have a means of promoting yourself. Everyone must […]

Rafa Hacker | HAVE YOU SEEN how Responsability changes the world?

I have been a counselor for many companies for many years. I have seen small companies, of less than three employees, grow to an extend of being multinationals. I have seen progress in many ways and with many formulas. But this progress is always bound to the welfare of the communities in which they are […]


Social Responsibility: Help The World With Businesses

Social responsibility is a quite an important duty and it will be necessary for entrepreneurs to know that we all have to help.   In the case of entrepreneurs, improving the conditions of society is partially in their hands in a very broad sense. This is because entrepreneurs who have a good influence can definitely use that to improve society. There are many people who would almost […]

A Better Planet: Social Responsibility

A Better Planet: Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is a very important aspect that, as a businessperson, you should consider installing in your company. Also, let’s not forget about the fact that helping the planet can be very useful for you. When you are being good to the planet, you are not only improving the condition of the place we all live in, but also, you are going to get […]


Rafael Núñez: Hackers use social engineering to get personal information from online users

MásQueDigital’s CEO, Rafael Núñez, affirms that all the technology advances that have been done on cybersecurity make it every day more difficult for black-hat hackers to get into security systems as often as it used to happen. On an interview for Climax Magazine, a division of El Estímulo, Rafa Nuñez pointed out that hackers are […]

Rafael Núñez - Big Data

Rafael Nunez’s ally, Daniel Riveros talks about Big Data

InfoSecurity Tour 2017, a technology event held last week in Caracas, Venezuela, had a very special participation by Rafael Núñez Aponte, MásQueDigital’s CEO, who took the time to talk about very important and interesting topics regarding cybersecurity. As well as him, Rafa Hacker was joined by many other cybersecurity experts and technology lovers. Daniel Riveros, […]